Other Cybersecurity Services

Other Cybersecurity Services

Risk Assessments

IT Risk Assessments in accordance with the methodology used by our business. IT Risk Assessments and Risk Treatment Policy and Procedures. Asset-based Risk Assessments. Scenario-based Risk Assessments. Risk Treatment.

Penetration Testing

Measure the efficacy of your network and endpoint security controls through a sanctioned adversarial exercise to determine how far an adversary can get. Regular tests are a requirement of many compliance programs.

Managed Log Analytics

Implement, monitor and manage ELK stacks which provide a powerful set of tools for searching and analyzing your data and eliminate the exorbitant ingest cost of traditional SIEM solutions and the event fatigue caused by false positives.

Managed Detection and Response (MDR)

Monitor and manage existing or recommended EDR solution. Round-the- clock threat hunting and immediate mitigation of threats and isolation of hosts when threats are identified.

Security Awareness Training

Security awareness training provides formal cybersecurity education to your workforce about a variety of information security threats and your company’s policies and procedures for addressing them.

Managed SIEM

Monitor and manage existing network of endpoint security controls already displayed in your environment.


Chief Information Security Officers are highly sought after. Good ones are expensive and hard to come by. Engage a vCISO and benefit from someone with years in the industry, a wealth of experience having dealt with a wide variety of scenarios, and consults on the management of an organization’s information security.

Red Teaming

Utilize a Red Team to act as adversaries to overcome cyber security controls, find weaknesses in people, processes and technology to gain unauthorized access to assets and receive recommendations and plans on how to strengthen your security posture.

Cybersecurity Due Diligence

Buyer-side cyber due diligence to determine IT risk, adherence to governmental and industry compliance requirements, highest risk assets and quantification of potential impacts, future capital investment requirements to address cyber risk and controls, and considerations and planning for IT integration.

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